CBY: A Man's Health


CBY: A Man's Health

"We eat meat, but yet meat is not good for us. It becomes a habitual tool. This type of food poisons the blood and goes into the flesh and cannot help but transform and destroy the surface of the flesh. Take, for example, a newborn baby. Many times it's beauty lasts for just a short while and then passes away with its growth. Even in our late 20's and early 30's - because of the life that we live and the frequent eating of poison food - beautiful appearance begins to pass form us so rapidly, until by our 40's and 50's it is nearly completely gone." HTETL2" #14, 111, 166   

Protein foods such as: Pork. red meat, eggs, cheese. chicken, and shellfish, as well as other products that come from animals produce a tightness or tension in the body. This tension reduces flexibility and restricts the proper flow of energy through the chakras (energy centers) and cells of the body. It makes it harder to relax. Meat makes the liver work 3 times as much.

Pesticide and herbicide chemicals and cancer-causing hormoneare placed in the livestock feed.   Today’s  livestock are not grown & fed the way our great grandparents raised them 50 years ago.  They are not on the farms grazing as you see in the children's story books anymore. The farms have turned into "agri-businesses". The animals are maintained with vast quantities of toxic chemicals, artificial hormones, estradiol, testosterone, & progesterone, pesticides, growth stimulants, insecticides, tranquilizers, radio-active isotopes, herbicides, antibiotics, appetite stimulants & larvicides. The residue of the hormones are transmitted to the people who eat the flesh & drink the milk of these animals.  "Recent studies indicate that of all the toxic chemical residues in the American diet, almost all, 95% to 99%, comes from meat, fish, dairy products and eggs. If you want to include pesticides in your diet, these are the foods to eat. Fortunately, you can overwhelmingly reduce your intake of these poisons by eating lower on thefood chain, and not choosing foods of animal origin." A Diet For A New America Pg. #315 John Robbins 

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If you do eat meat, follow it up with a fresh salad or fresh fruit. Meat is acid forming and fruit and green leafy vegetables such as green leaf lettuce are alkaline forming.

Vegetarian Food Sources For Protein: There. are many cultures around the world that do not sustain themselves on a high animal protein diet. However they are not protein deficient and have less occurrence of osteoporosis. Protein is necessary for the sustenance of life. Protein is used for growth and repair.
  • Fruit: ......................Apricots, avocados, bananas, cherries, dates. figs. grapes, papayas. tomato
  • Vegetable:...............Asparagus. broccoli, Brussels sprouts. cauliflower, okra, olives
  • Grain:.....................Amaranth Brown rice. millet, oatmeal, quinoa, whole wheat, tortillas
  • Legumes & Seeds:All dry beans, lentil,  sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, sm. red beans, small white beans,
  • Herbs:......................Alfalfa. spirulina. sun chlorella
  • Sea Vegetable:.........Arame. kombu (reduces some of the gas-inducing qualities of beans), NoriWakame,



(On Substance Abuse)..."If it is in your bloodstream it is now in your testicles. So when you manufacture sperm, the sperm which is the new life of you that will go on after you are dead. you have already sentenced your babies to death before they are even born into the world. Do you see why ignorance is a curse?" .... HTGBTG MLF

SANDWHICH: "DLT" Dulse, Green Lettuce, Avocado & Tomato on Whole Wheat Bun

The health of the father is just as important when conceiving a child as the health of the mother.  It is best for both mother and father to be in good health.  The major factor that proved to be of importance in a study done in 1984 of parents who gave birth to children with Down’s Syndrome was whether either parent had a number of illnesses, rather than the parents being of older age.  However parents of older age generally do suffer from illnesses frequently.  Children are made from the seeds of mother and father.  In order to produce healthy children, what we smoke, what we drink, what we eat, and the type of environment that we live in has a strong effect on the development of the child. Several studies have implied that fathers who smoke have abnormal sperm that may result in miscarriages, birth defects, low birth weight babies or stillbirths.  The more frequently one smoked, the more increase the number of birth deformities.  Babies of smokers tend to be more fragile and have a greater risk of behavioral and learning difficulties later on in life. Children born in families where the father is a heavy drinker of alcoholic beverages, suffer psychological damage.  These children feel insecure and unloved, because of the unpredictable behavior of the mother or father. The husband should have his physician make a thorough examination, to make certain he is not suffering from any infectious or inheritable form of disease, or from any condition, mental or physical, which would indicate that he should not father a child.   

Referrence information from: "How To Create The Perfect Baby"

WRAPS/BURRITOS: Avocado, Sm Red Beans, Green Leaf Lettuce, Rice Cheedar Cheese, Brown Rice, Orange Slices


ANATOMY: Organs Front View

SMOOTHIE: "Spicey Dark Chocolate Almond" (rice or almond milk), Banana, Strawberry, Sunflower Seed Butter, Wheat germ, Ginger, Honey, Molasses, Almond extract, Spirulina, Nutmeg, Orange Slices

Traditional Herbs For Male Reproduction Organs:
  • [_] Gingko
  • [_] Nettles
  • [_] Dandelion
  • [_] Sarsaparilla
  • [_] Ginseng 
Traditional Minerals For Male Reproduction Organs:
  • [_] Selenium*: Antioxidant, balances immune, system, lymph glands, for pancreas function, prevention of heart-cardiovascular disease, reduces reoccurrence, of cancers: prostate 69%, colon-rectal 64%, lung 34%. Asparagus3, barley, brewer’s yeast, broccoli, brown rice, garlic139, blackstrap molasses, oats57, onion79, seeds, whole grains.
  • [_] Zinc*: Important in prostate gland function & growth of the reproductive organs. Legumes, whole grains,brewer’s yeast, pumpkin. seeds, sunflower seeds. Zinc is lowered by kidney disease, cirrhosis of the liver, diabetes, & fiber.
  • (* HIV+:  nutrients for management)

Nutritionist have indicated that people in developed countries are getting too much protein. When the diet contains more protein than necessary, it can be damaging to your health. Excess protein is broken down in the liver and excreted through the kidneys, causing the kidneys to work harder and excrete more water. Frequent urination causes elimination of important minerals such as Calcium. High intake of animal protein leads to increased risk of individuals developing osteoprosis.

ANATOMY: Organs Rear View

  Testicle Glands: Makes the ...
  • Estrogen: hormone responsible for development of female sexual characteristics.
  • Testosterone: Male hormone which causes penis, testicles, & scrotum to grow larger, causes larynx to grow larger changing voice. Makes pubic hair, chest, face, back, & underarm hair.
  • Semen: Gives sperm energy to swim
  • Sperm: Semen & sperm are ejaculated from the penis. Sperm fertilizes the woman’s (ovum) egg. Millions of sperm are made everyday
  • Prostate gland: Produces mineral rich fluid that becomes part of semen to nourish & enhance sperm. The nutritional mineral Zinc concentrates most in the prostate area. It’s located under the bladder & in front of rectum. During ejaculation it contracts & tightens squeezing on the vas deferens to push semen & sperm into the urethra. A tea-spoon of semen is ejaculated in 3-4 spurts. 

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Sperm And Thoughts“The sperm is not fathered by the act of sexual intercourse alone.  The sperm is fathered by the thought that is present in the brain that empowers the sperm and becomes the force in the head of the sperm that will finally germinate and fertilize the egg.  So you can’t walk around mindless and produce mental giants though it happens accidentally.  But if you think about what you are and who you are, you can do it every time.  There ain’t no missing.  In the condition that we’re in we don’t want to hit and miss.  Referrence from: HTGBTG